Maxi-Cube (Form Stable FIBC)

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Maxi-Cube (Form Stable FIBC)

  • Maxi-Cube form stable bulk bags for increased volume and weight carrying potential
  • Pack and ship up to +30% more product in the same space
  • Designed specifically for transport by sea container, lorry or rail
  • Significantly reduced total logistics costs
  • Far more stable when filled; easy to handle, stack and discharge

The Rosenflex Maxi-Cube is designed to maintain a square or rectangular shape when filled which maximises the volume and weight shipped. This can result in significant savings in transport storage and handling of any freeflowing powder, granule, pellet or flake when sent in sea containers, trucks or by rail.

Due to the internal construction the Maxi-Cube is very stable as the forces generated by the product packed are absorbed by the internal corner pillars. That allows this big bag to fill as a cube shape which fits the pallet size used (typically 110x110cm, 100x120cm or 80x120cm). This means up to +30% more product and weight can be packed and shipped in the same space used by a standard FIBC or bulk bag.

A standard FIBC will tend to go more “circular“ and can be unstable if the product packed is quite fluid-like or the bag is tall. Maxi-Cube means you have a very stable bulk bag and much lower total costs.

Available in all formats, Standard applications, Food Approved, UN Dangerous Goods, Conductive Type C, D or D+, with all types of filling and discharging methods, the Maxi-Cube will be an ideal solution to your semi-bulk packing needs.