Mini Bulk FIBC

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Mini Bulk FIBC

  • Cost effective form of semi bulk transportation
  • Bespoke design for your requirements
  • Pallet-less (no need for an expensive heat treated pallet when exporting)
  • Perfect for packing and transporting flakes, beads, granules, pellets or powders
  • Local, low cost manufacturing 

With local manufacturing of the miniBulk FIBC in Colchester, United Kingdom, dating back to the 1960’s, Rosenflex have plenty of experience with Bulk Bags, and although the manufacturing site has now been closed for some time, the knowledge and experience of how to produce a great FIBC lives on.

The miniBulk FIBC is probably the most cost effective way of transporting products in a semi-bulk form and weighs only a tiny fraction of the weight carried. A typical miniBulk bulk bag weighs between 2-4kg and is most frequently used to carry 1,000kg of any free flowing solid (bead, flake, pastille or powder) so carries upwards of 500 times its own weight, this is why it is often referred to as a one tonne bag.

In addition it must pass rigorous tests that prove its integrity. When rated to carry 1,000kg for example the test stress on the bulk bag is in excess of 6,000kg for a multi-trip bag, meaning it has a built-in safety factor of 6:1. This shows the miniBulk FIBC itself is extremely strong and is arguably the most efficient and environmentally friendly way of filling, transporting and discharging products locally, regionally and globally when used correctly.

Each bulk bag can be individually tailored to your filling, handling and transporting needs and to your customer’s storage and discharging requirements. This means you have a bespoke bag that will improve your brand and ensures that your products arrive safely and in good condition.

The full explanation of the FIBC fabric types can be found here

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