Multi-Pack Retail Films 2020

Multi-Pack Retail Films

To buy or not to buy – when your product hits the shelves, that’s the moment of truth. At Rosenflex we  offer brand owners excellent multipack solutions for a stronger conversion rate at the point of sale, our multipack films can be used flexibly for the bundling of several types of primary packaging such as: bottles, cans, Tetra Paks or bricks, glass, PET, aluminium or cartons.

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Mini packs

2 or 4 packs for promotional offers or smaller needs

Multipack 2

6 packs

Classic retail pack format

Multipack 3

Big packs

Up to 40 units without cardboard pads or trays

Multipack 4

Nested Packs

Special arrangement for increased pallet stability and less material

Multipack 5

FullyEnclosed FilmPack™ (KHS)

Film pack solutions without bull’s eye