A basic guide to Food Grade FIBCs

Food Grade FIBCs are used for packaging a variety of foodstuffs including powders, sugars and grains and are probably the most cost effective way of transporting food products in a semi-bulk form as they weigh only a tiny fraction of the 500-2000kg weight carried.

The production of Food grade FIBCs is a rigorous and meticulous process, which starts when we receive the order. Since we make our Food Grade FIBCs to fit the needs of our customer, the bag is customised, this means tailoring the dimensions, capacities and barrier properties as well as filling spouts, handling and discharging features.

As food is being packed, it’s of paramount important that we ensure not only the hygiene of the bags but also of our production, which is accredited with BRC, AIB and ISO22000 certifications. We’ve found that ensuring good hygiene and reducing the risk of contamination is a priority for our customers’ markets, so we make sure food grade liners can be inserted or attached to the FIBC, keeping the content free from potential recall issues. Further to this, we offer our Food Grade FIBC bags with pallet shrink wrapping or stretch hoods in order to prevent dust and other impurities getting to them, whilst being transported and delivered to the end user.

Before shipping the products to our customer, our FIBCs go through individual tests to inspect quality levels, whilst making sure there are no defects, so that the customer has peace of mind. Only when all these quality controls are complete will we deliver the FIBCs to the customer.

Food grade FIBCs are, in comparison with other bulk packaging, an effective and inexpensive way of packaging your food stuffs. However, as already mentioned food grade bulk bags are a specialised product with a number of features such as 7-9 layer specialist barrier materials for prolonged shelf life, oxygen and moisture barriers and easy handling features. Therefore we manufacture specifically to the needs of the customer. If you’re interested in food grade bulk bags for your products or perhaps you would like us to visit your site, contact us on 01206 266850 or email us at sales@rosenflex.com

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