New 10-colour flexographic printing system investment for RKW shows ProVent protective plastic packaging commitment

A new five million Euros plus investment into the modernisation of the Echte plant shows RKW’s further commitment to increase their supply of packaging products. Over the course of the fourth quarter of 2016, RKW will bring a new 10-colour flexographic printing machine into operation, which will subsequently expand capacity for a number of solutions including FFS (form, fill and seal), the self-venting RKW ProVent® and ProVent Advanced® plastic packaging. In addition to allowing greater capacity, the new system will enable increased packaging supply chain flexibility as demand grows for a wide variety of high quality print designs and smaller print runs on our packaging products.
ProVent Advanced® and FFS packaging offer an alternative to paper packaging for powdered, moisture-sensitive goods, and are mainly used within the food, construction and chemicals industries. The self-venting ProVent® plastic sack design, offers significant advantages during transportation and storage, including moisture protection 40 times greater than paper sacks, significantly extended shelf life and total cost reduction, whilst the new machinery allows for high quality printing on plastic sacks in up to 10 colours.

With more than 350 million bags sold, ProVent® has set standards for the industry.

The investment positions us strongly within the UK market and allows us to expand upon the current high customer demand for complex and diverse prints. Add to this the variety of automation models within the printing system, which means we can operate faster and with more efficient changeover times, we have a more effective opportunity to meet the demand of smaller plastic sack lot sizes.

For further information about 10 colour flexographic printing on FFS (Form, Fill and Seal), Provent and Provent Advanced plastic sacks call 01206 266850 or email

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