R&D Innovation: Ultra-Tight Valve Sack – for packing fluid like powders

At Rosenflex, we are always looking to offer innovate packaging solutions for our customers. We like to work with manufacturing partners who focus on innovation and development, enabling us to keep one step ahead. The most recent improvement in design is the Ultra-Tight Valve Sack. This new development focuses on a problem we found in the industry, as companies kept contacting us asking for a solution for almost fluid like powders that were troublesome to pack. Customers complained current suppliers could not fix an issue with valve sacks that would leak and thus compromise the very fine powder.

To solve this, our R&D department designed the Ultra-Tight Valve Sack to ensure fluid like powders remained protected. The design uses new production methods, improved gluing techniques and enhanced patch technology to ensure the Valve Bag does not leak even the most fluid like powders.

Are you looking for Ultra-Tight Valve Sacks? Let us know and one of our specialists will be in touch to help: email: sales@rosenflex.com

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