Open Mouth Sacks

  • Rosenflex Products - 11/01/2017 - Photo by: Richard Blaxall

Open Mouth Sacks

  • Sack Construction options (Open Mouth Block Bottom, Pillow, Side Gussets) 
  • Barrier Properties (Moisture and Oxygen), Seal and Perforation options available
  • One or Two Ply Open Mouth Sacks
  • High Strength Sacks (UN approval for the transport of dangerous goods) 
  • 8 Colour Printing

Open mouth sacks are produced in the main for products in the agricultural, aggregates, chemicals and foodstuffs sectors. They can be pillow, gusseted or block bottom in style and are closed by heat sealing, gluing or stitching. Easily filled either automatically or manually they are an ideal solution to transport lower cost materials efficiently.

These sacks can be either one or two ply  (PE+PE, HDPE+PE or PE+Paper) and are made using extruded or co-extruded polyethylene film blown to size before being cut and welded (on request). Open Mouth sacks can be produced and delivered either as singles on pallets or in rolls.

Our partners factory also boasts high quality printing facilities allowing us to supply customers Open mouth sacks with up-to 8 colour flexographic printing. Sacks can also be perforated/nano perforated depending on customers requirements.

Options for open mouth sacks:

  • A good integrity (through correct sack construction)
  • Controlled air evacuation from the sack
  • Barrier against moisture and gas (film properties)
  • High strength (UN approval for the transport of dangerous goods)
  • One or Two Ply construction
  • Perforation or Nano Perforation
  • 8 Colour Printing
  • Pillow, Gusset or Block Bottom Construction

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