Pharmaceutical Grade FIBCs


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Quality standards & stringent procedures are paramount for safe production within the pharmaceutical industry. Handling pharmaceutical products haphazardly can result in contamination which could lead to costs and legal charges.

It is therefore imperative that your supplier is not only competent & reliable but also understands your expectations and the level of quality, hygiene and service required.

With facilities accredited up-to BRC AA rating, AIB superior rating, ISO, HACCP and GFSI, our partners' plants have been audited thoroughly by blue chip companies including the likes of Bayer AG, Nestle, Starbucks and Abbott Nutrition.

Pharmaceutical grade tote bags go through a wide range of quality and hygiene checks, including:  

  • Light table inspections
  • Systematised ventilation
  • Pest control procedures
  • Personal hygiene controls
  • Metal detection tests
  • Hazard analysis and critical control points


Manufactured using only 100% virgin materials & FDA approved resins, looms are installed with ultrasonic cutting machines to prevent contamination risks from frayed or loose edges. All FIBC's go through light table inspections and metal detection before being bailed, packed and wrapped with stretch wrapping and PP hoods.

Offering up-to seven-layer co-ex blown film, production caters for highly technical liners, including gas flushing and barrier options. These liners can come either pre-inserted into every bag or as individuals.

Stitching of the bags takes place in a complete clean-room environment, equipped with stainless steel GI stands, keeping all bulk-bags off the floor, which reduces the risk of contamination further. The facility monitors positive air pressure and HEPA filtration ensures a complete clean-room environment.

Once manufacture is complete, all bulk bags go through a visual inspection followed by light table inspections. Finally, the FIBC's go through metal detection before being bailed, packed and wrapped with stretch wrapping and PP hoods.


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At Rosenflex, we ensure our Pharma Grade FIBC's are manufactured using only FDA approved resin in partner facilities certified up to British Retail Consortium (BRC) AA Rating & American Institute of Baking (AIB) Superior Rating. 

While standards for the pharmaceutical industry are more stringent, it is safe to assume they are similar to those set out for the food industry. This is why, when looking for a reliable supplier, you have to check certifications/accreditation and see who can supply packaging that meets ISO 22000, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, BRC Global Standards that also caters to both GFSI  and AIB International standards.

- OPTIONS for fibc's

Innovating and promoting more sustainable solutions is one of many responsibilities for a packaging provider and partner supplier to some of the largest industries. Continual investment into R&D is helping achieve that responsibility. Here are some options that can make your FIBC more sustainable:

GREEN LINER > Along with LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, EVOH, Aluminium & PA. R&D have found a way to create a sustainable “green” liner using starch-based materials.

MULTI-TRIP > 6:1 Multi-Trip FIBC’s are designed in accordance with ISO21898 for multiple trips/uses. 

MATERIAL DEVELOPMENT > Technical innovation, engineering and material development can reduce the fabric weight of FIBC’s whilst maintaining bag strength and integrity