RKW ProVent® Pre-Made Sacks

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RKW ProVent® (Pre Made Sacks)

  • For users with either semi-automatic (cassette-fed) or manual packing systems
  • Special pop-venting allows de-aeration during filling and after being fully sealed and palletised
  • Sacks are fully weatherproof, with upwards of 40x the moisture protection of paper
  • Enhanced print quality with up to 10 colour flexographic printing

RKW originally developed ProVent® 10 years ago as an efficient, sustainable, weatherproof and durable alternative to conventional paper packaging for powdery and moisture sensitive goods. The ProVent ® plastic sack significantly improves the filling, transporting, storing and distributing process of powdery and moisture sensitive goods whilst allowing de-aeration through an integrated venting system that ensures no dust, dirt or moisture can penetrate from the outside, whilst only allowing air to escape from the inside.

With over 350 million ProVent® sacks sold in FFS (form, fill and seal) format, Rosenflex can now announce that ProVent® weatherproof sacks will now be supplied as pre made sacks as well as FFS formats, making the product widely available to any manufacturer of fine powder, granule or flake product.

ProVent Advanced

RKW Provent® Advanced is the premium solution for the high demands of brand manufacturers. The new, fully integrated venting system has a seam-free front, which means no-compromises have to be made on the print design. For an unmistakable and convincing brand presence at the point of sale!

ProVent Flex

Flexible to the full: With its continuous print image and the flexible venting concept, the RKW ProVent® allows sacks of different lengths to be produced in one production run. Like the entire RKW ProVent® product family, the RKW ProVent® Flex is easy to use and it offers excellent machine processing together with very high filling speeds.

ProVent Classic

Proven over more than 10 years, this popular classic features the well-known venting system. The RKW ProVent® Classic supports a high print quality and like the entire product family offers a high level of functional safety. All sacks are burst and tear proof and remain robust even when subjected to higher loads.


  • Can be used by semi-automatic or manual filling systems
  • Less dust leakage: Higher occupational safety, lower maintenance and cleaning costs
  • Lower personnel costs: Simple handling means less work
  • High customer satisfaction: Less material damage, enhanced shelf-life, reduced rework time and associated costs
  • Perfect stack-ability: Due to non-slip packaging surfaces and permanent positive venting
  • Safe outdoor storage: Water barriers and UV protection make the packaging weatherproof even when uncovered
  • Better branding opportunities and a high recognition factor: Provent® Packaging can be printed in up to 10 colours

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