UN Approved FIBCs

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UN Approved FIBC's

  • High quality FIBC's certified to handle products known to be hazardous by the UN 
  • Rigorously tested to UN regulation
  • Bespoke to your requirements 
  • UK Storage in our facilities available for your UN Bulk Bags
  • Experienced sales staff throughout the U.K and Ireland to provide local service

Rosenflex offers high quality UN approved bulk bags according to international regulations for transport by sea, rail and road. UN testing is completed firstly within the manufacturing facility and then repeated again in an independent testing facility to ensure official certification. All UN certificated bulk bags are tested with safe working loads (SWL) ranging from 500kg to 2,000kg and come in various formats and models to suit even the most demanding conditions.

To ensure our UN bulk bags are to the best quality we subject them to the following tests:

  • Lift Assessment– The FIBC is filled to six times its maximum load before being lifted off the surface thus ensuring SWL.
  • Tear Test– The bag is filled to the maximum load before a small tear (100mm) is made on a side. The bag is then filled to twice its maximum load before being rested for a short time period. Finally the FIBC is suspended with its SWL for a minimum of five minutes to ensure quality and reliability.
  • Drop Test – The bulk bag is filled to its maximum load before being lifted to 80-120cm before being dropped in an upright position
  • Stack Test – FIBC’s are loaded 1.8 times their maximum weights before being stacked.
  • Topple Test – Similar to the drop test, the big bag is toppled from 80-120cm hitting the surface on its side.
  • Recovery Test – Once the topple test is complete; the bulk bag is lifted into an upright position.

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UN Regulations

UN recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods (Orange Book)

IMDG Chapter 6.5 Transport by sea
ADR Annex A 6 Transport by road
RID Annex A VI Transport by rail

UN code for the type of FIBC

13 Flexible IBC for solids, filled or discharged by gravity (liquids and solids under pressure [>0.1 bar] are not permitted)
H1 Woven PP fabric without coating or inner liner
H2 Woven PP fabric, coated
H3 Woven PP fabric with inner liner
H4 Woven PP fabric, coated and with inner liner
Y Flexible IBC approved for packaging groups II and III
Z Flexible IBC approved for packaging groups III

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