Valve Sacks

  • Rosenflex Products - 11/01/2017 - Photo by: Richard Blaxall
  • Rosenflex Products - 11/01/2017 - Photo by: Richard Blaxall
  • Rosenflex Products - 11/01/2017 - Photo by: Richard Blaxall

Valve Sacks

  • Block Bottom Valve Sacks
  • Ultra-Tight Valve Sacks (for packing fluid like powders) 
  • Quick-Pack Valve Sacks (for quick and easy packing)
  • High Strength Valve Sacks (for heavy handling) 
  • Completely bespoke to your requirements 

We have decades of experience as a high quality and innovative supplier of plastic sacks for various applications including chemicals, food, minerals and horticulture. Valve sacks are perfect for a wide range of products in particular plastic granules/powders, salt, lime and other minerals and chemicals. Easily filled either automatically or manually they are designed with your packaging and product requirements in mind. We can supply different valve types, materials (paper, polyethylene and non-woven fabrics) models and sizes.

Our valve bags can be manufactured with up-to 10 colour flexographic print in state of the art printing facilities. All PE valve sacks can also be embossed and/or perforated/nano-perforated depending on the customers deaeration requirements. Bags are produced bespoke to your requirements with a variety of sizing options, constructions, valve options, sealing/tuck in options and film thickness. We can even offer High Strength Valve Sacks for products that are roughly handled. See the proof in this video 

We work with manufacturing partners who focus on innovation and development. Our most recent addition to the valve bag range is the Ultra-Tight Valve Sack. This innovation focused on a problem we found in the industry, as companies contacted us asking for a solution for almost fluid like powders that were troublesome to pack. To solve this, our R&D department designed the Ultra-Tight Valve Sack to ensure fluid like powders remained protected, the design uses new production methods, improved gluing techniques and enhanced patch technology to ensure the Valve Bag does not leak even the most fluid like powders.

At Rosenflex, we can offer the following valve sack range:

Options for your Valve Sacks:

  • Sizing bespoke to your requirements
  • Wide thickness ratio
  • Embossing
  • Up-to 10 colour printing
  • Variety of valve options
  • Variety of sealing/tuck in options

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