Doy (Stand Up) Pouch

Doy Pouch

  • Up to 10 colour printing with a variety of finished (Matt, Gloss or Varnish)
  • Variety of closure, handle and seal options
  • Pack anything as light at 50g to 10kg
  • Flexible for all industries

The Doy pouch or stand-up pouch is one of the most adaptable products available, serving industries from food to horticulture and pet feed. Designed and manufactured specifically towards the needs of the product, process and environment the Doy pouch comes with a variety of handle and closure options as well as multiple seals such as a K-Weld seal and round seal making the Doy pouch the perfect packaging option for any dry product, fine powder or liquid.

Manufacturing of the Doy pouch using laminated co-extruded films not only ensures powerful branding and attractive product presentation through up to 10 colour printing and a number of finishes but also ensures a high tensile strength enabling up to 10kg packing weight.

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