Plastic Open Mouth Sack

open mouth sacks

Produced in the main for products in the agricultural, aggregates, chemicals and foodstuffs sectors. Open mouth sacks can be pillow, gusseted or block bottom in style and are closed by heat sealing, glueing or stitching.

Supplied on pallets or in rolls, if necessary ready perforated. Open mouth sacks can be filled quickly, either automatically or manually and are an ideal solution to transport lower-cost materials efficiently.

Open mouth sacks can be either one or two ply (PE+PE, HDPE+PE or PE+Paper) and are made using extruded or co-extruded polyethylene film blown to size before being cut and welded.

10 colour flexographic printing allows us to supply our customer with best quality, printed open mouth sacks, with optional de-aeration, resin strength and water barriers we are equipped to supply for each and every requirement.

Additional Options


Additional coating for a
particularly non-slip surface


Enhanced water barrier for
particularly hydrophilic goods


Additional longitudinal seam
to protect particularly fine powder


Improved sealing seam for
highly contaminated weld areas

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