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FIBC (Q Bag)

Maxi Cube FIBC (Q Bag)

The Maxi-Cube FIBC, also known as the Q bag or baffle bag, is designed to prevent deformation, ensuring that your FIBC maintains a square or rectangular shape when filled.

There are several benefits to using this baffle bag design, including optimising space, as the Maxi Cube can allow for up to +30% more product/weight per pack in comparison to a standard FIBC, which in turn can lead to significant savings in the transport, storage and handling of free-flowing powder, granule, pellet or flake when sent in containers, lorries or by rail.

The internal construction of the Maxi-Cube is very stable as the interior corner pillars allow the Q bag to fill into a cube shape which fits the pallet size used:

  • CP1 - 100 x 120cm
  • CP9 - 114 x 114cm
  • EURO - 80 x 120cm

A standard FIBC will tend to go more circular and can be unstable if the product packed is quite fluid-like or the bag is tall.

A number of baffle options are available, each offering different properties for your product and filling operation:

Standard Baffle: Woven PP panels with windows to allow for the free flowing f product during the fill and discharge of the baffle bag

Net Baffle: Woven PP yarn sewn into the corner allows for an even higher increased flow of product

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- OPTIONS for fibc's

Innovating and promoting more sustainable solutions is one of many responsibilities for a packaging provider and partner supplier to some of the largest industries. Continual investment into R&D is helping achieve that responsibility. Here are some options that can make your FIBC more sustainable:

GREEN LINER > Along with LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, EVOH, Aluminium & PA. R&D have found a way to create a sustainable “green” liner using starch-based materials.

MULTI-TRIP > 6:1 Multi-Trip FIBC’s are designed in accordance with ISO21898 for multiple trips/uses. 

MATERIAL DEVELOPMENT > Technical innovation, engineering and material development can reduce the fabric weight of FIBC’s whilst maintaining bag strength and integrity