Plastic Valve Sacks

Valve Sacks

Valve sacks and their block-shaped form provide optimal storage and stacking capabilities with a broad range of filling valves and de-aeration solutions. Adaptable to specific requirements of filling goods including chemicals, food, minerals and horticulture.

Valve sacks are perfect for a wide range of products in particular plastic granules/powders, salt, lime and other minerals and chemicals as well as foodstuffs. Quickly filled either automatically or manually, we can supply different valve types, materials (paper, polyethylene and non-woven fabrics) models and sizes.

Valve bags can be manufactured with up to 10 colour flexographic print in state of the art printing facilities. Valve sacks can also be embossed and/or perforated/nano-perforated depending on the customers de-aeration requirements.

Bags are produced bespoke to your requirements with a variety of sizing options, constructions, valve options, sealing/tuck in options and film thickness.


Additional Options


Additional coating for a
particularly non-slip surface


Enhanced water barrier for
particularly hydrophilic goods


Additional longitudinal seam
to protect particularly fine powder


Improved resin strength to protect against the heaviest handling

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PE Valve Sacks for Huntsman

Huntsman Pigments Division specialises in the manufacture and marketing of titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigments that add brightness, whiteness and opacity to thousands of consumer products; from household decorative paints and industrial coatings on cars and steel-framed buildings, to computer housing, sporting equipment, printing inks and cosmetics.

With this case they were experiencing a significant “dust” problem during packing that meant for pigment on the outside of the pack, lower packing speeds, unstable pallet loads and a difficult environment in the production area.