PE Sacks for Huntsman

Huntsman Pigments Division specialises in the manufacture and marketing of titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigments that add brightness, whiteness and opacity to thousands of consumer products; from household decorative paints and industrial coatings on cars and steel-framed buildings, to computer housing, sporting equipment, printing inks and cosmetics.

Product: Quick de-aeration PE filter valve sacks

The Huntsman’s Pigments business is a leading global producer of TiO2 pigments and has been manufacturing for seventy five years. The Pigments Division is an international business employing around 2,000 people at facilities in seven countries with a combined total manufacturing capacity of approximately 560,000 tonnes of TiO2 pigment p/a.




With this case they were experiencing a significant “dust” problem during packing that meant for pigment on the outside of the pack, lower packing speeds, unstable pallet loads and a difficult environment in the production area.

They required a plastic valve sack that would

  • Pack with no dust emissions
  • Maintain high packing rates
  • Offer a stable pack when filled and palletised
  • Be competitive in this market area


By using a special non-woven filter material incorporated into the sack as well as a sonic sealing valve, we were able to run trials quickly and successfully with various sites globally within the Huntsman group, each with different packing equipment and needs including “hot fill” of over 80 deg C.


With vastly reduced dust emissions in the filling process Huntsman can pack at high speed so maintaining efficient production numbers and with no dust on the surface of the sacks, the pallet is a good shape and more stabilised for container or truck shipping.