History Timeline

History Timeline

We’ve raided our archives to bring you a selection of photos showing packaging down the years starting with paper in the 1920’s, through to plastic in the 1960’s and FIBCs in the 1970’s right through to the present day. Join us in a trip down memory lane and see what life was like when flares were in fashion the first time around. . .


Rosenlew started in paper packaging.


Extruded plastic and packaging began.


Launch of “miniBULK” as a pioneering brand for FIBCs.


PE packaging for 25Kg with a handle called “Handisac”.


“Compack” form stable FIBCs developed for optimum weight/ volume, packing 25-30% more product in the same space


Rosenlew PE division bought by RKW Group, Germany.


“miniBULK” becomes Rosenlew FIBC.


Rosenflex formed to offer the three main packaging sectors of PE, FIBCs and Paper as an integrated approach to solids and powder packaging.


Still going strong by bringing innovation, knowledge and know-how to our customers.

1982 A big pile of number twos. . .

When times were different, before Health & Safety directives and hi-vis vests, this sort of sight was commonplace in every bulk-handling establishment.