Conductive FIBCs


Conductive FIBC's
  • High Quality Type C and D, Conductive & Anti-Static Bulk Bags
  • Designed For Your Requirements
  • For Safe Transport of Flammable/Explosive Products
  • For Safe Use In Environments Where Gases or Flammable Solvents Are Present.
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Conductive FIBCs, also known as type c or anti-static bulk bags are made using conductive film tapes for the purpose of grounding and thus removing the electrostatic charge that may have developed within the inner walls of the FIBC during the process of filling or emptying. These bulk bags are used primarily in industries where the environment is likely to contain materials that can be ignited due to the presence of electrostatic charges.

At Rosenflex, we supply high-quality type c bulk bags specifically designed with anti-static properties to ensure employees' safety. Our bags that made from polypropylene interwoven into a grid pattern with conduction yarns. The production process involves internally connecting the conductive yarns to designated ground or earth bonding points.

To explain further we have detailed the different types of fabrics used in bulk bag production.

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    Type A

    Type A standard one-tonne bags are manufactured using conventional woven polypropylene. They do not have any mechanism for dissipating static electricity and will not prevent the occurrence of highly energetic, and dangerous propagating brush discharges (PBD). As there are no requirements for static control in this type of bulk bag, there are no electrostatic tests specified in standards and no requirements for labelling. Labelling bulk bags as Type A is rarely done and bulk bags that are not labelled as Type B, Type C or Type D, can be assumed to be Type-A.

    Safe use:

    • For transporting non-flammable products

    Do not use:

    • To transport flammable products
    • If there a flammable gases in close vicinity to the bags.

    Type B

    Type B bulk bags, like type A, are designed with no protective agents against the build-up of static electricity. However, unlike type A FIBCs, type B has fabric material with a lower breakdown voltage. (< 6 kV) This bulk bag can be used for dry, combustible materials, but there must not be any flammable gasses in the area.

    Safe use:

    • For safely transporting dry, flammable powders

    Do not use:

    • If there are flammable gases in close vicinity to the bags

    Type C

    Type C FIBCs are made of conductive fabric. This conductivity is obtained through conductive yarns that are interweaved and connected together at an earthing point. It is important the bulk bag remains earthed at all times. This FIBC can be used for combustible materials and within environments where flammable gasses are present.

    Safe use:

    • For safely transporting flammable powders
    • If there are flammable gases in close vicinity to the bags

    Do not use:

    • If the grounding connection is not present or damaged

    Type D

    Type D FIBCs are manufactured with specific anti-static fabric to give permanent discharge properties. These do not need to be earthed. However, machinery/staff, etc. in the immediate vicinity must be fully earthed. Restrictions on using the bag in humid environments are also in place.

    Safe use:

    • For safely transporting flammable powders
    • If there are flammable gases in close vicinity to the bags

    Do not use:

    • If the bag is covered in conductive materials like water or grease

    When to use Anti-static FIBCs:

    Minimum Ignition Energy of Dust Non-Flammable Atmosphere Explosive Dust Atmosphere Explosive Gas and Vapour Atmosphere
    MIE > 1000 mJ A,B.C,D B,C,D C,D
    1000 mJ > MIE 3 mj B,C,D B,C,D C,D
    MIE < 3 mJ C,D C,D C,D