Form, Fill and Seal

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Laminates, Pouches & Sacks

  • Laminations in PET, PE, ALU, metPET, Nylon available
  • Models include: Stand up pouches, gusseted bags, back seam, 4 side welded, 3 side welded
  • Features include: Zip closure, Degassing valve, K–weld corner mitres
  • Excellent barrier properties against moisture and oxygen
  • Up to 8 colour printing, Rotogravure, Flexographic quality enhancing product appearance
  • Softer Corners with rounded options
  • Handle punch for easy carrying

Technical laminates must fulfil a variety of criteria and benchmarks with the correct properties and performance to meet our customer's exacting expectations. Designed and manufactured specifically towards the needs of the product, process and environment our laminate films and laminated pouches offer a vast choice to all consumers within any industry. Films including PET, PE, ALU, metPET and Nylon are all available with a number of end-user functionalities including zip closure and one-way degassing valves.

All our laminated films are offered with Flexo and Rotogravure print which ensures powerful branding and an attractive product presentation at the point of sale, making them more popular in the retail sector.

Certain laminates on offer, such as ALU, PET, metPET and Nylon additionally supply optimum barrier properties to protect against moisture and oxygen, typically giving moisture barriers of <0.1g/m3 – <2.0g/m3/24hrs, and oxygen barriers of <0.1cc/m2 – 2.0cc/m2/24hrs, allowing products to remain secure and fit for purpose.

Additional benefits include: High gloss, better seal integrity, reduced sealing time, higher packing speeds, low haze/ high clarity, versatile formulations for different applications, tight control of thickness, environmental options, reliable performance and improved packaging integrity.