2011: An increase in turnover again

2011: An increase in turnover again saw us improve on our best year with sales increasing by +5.7% to £2.87m but with headwinds looking likely in 2012 we need to work hard to maintain our good work.

Dear Customer,

Sales increased in FIBCs and PE products but fell in Paper based markets so a review is in order to see how we can improve that particular sector. The general economy points to stronger efforts being needed in export sectors and in particular to other regions other than the Eurozone where it is likely to be a difficult time given the problems in diverse economies and actions required to rebalance and give growth in certain Eurozone countries.

Where Rosenflex is concerned, we made investments to increase our presence in our main markets of chemicals, plastics, minerals, horticulture, food and construction where we have shown an increased demand for special pack types and solutions, yet again particularly for packing powders, grouts and cement based products. That trend will continue in 2012 and beyond.

We hope to expand the product range in particular with PE and a strong relationship and agreement with the RKW Group will help us achieve that. Having a technical, quality led but competitive offer means we can be smarter in passing on cost savings to our customers.

We keep our overheads low and concentrate on delivering genuine packaging success and savings where possible in these ever cost-conscious times we live in. That is a key to growth and is one we strive to deliver.

I’m extremely pleased that our levels of performance, service and overall customer care have been upheld once again during this growth year and this I hope continues to show our true commitment to the values that we hold dear. Happy customers return and give us the opportunity to help others they know and recommend. If we have come up short anywhere, we redouble our efforts to improve.

I would therefore like to give a big thank you to all our staff who continue to work hard and diligently, to our suppliers for their sustained support and ideas and not least to our customers for their continued and valued business.

Yours sincerely,

Robin E.J. Reid

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