A future based on sustainability

Ensuring environmental protection and a sustainable way of life is a major concern to us all! That’s why at Rosenflex, we maintain our focus on using both raw materials and energy consciously, economically and efficiently to produce packaging materials. Whenever possible we avoid delays and reduce emissions in our packaging manufacturing and logistics processes.

Environmental protection and commercial success aren’t contradictions for Rosenflex, in fact, the opposite is true. The thoughtful use of our natural resources is just as important to us as the quality of our packaging products, and now in times of ever increasing oil prices, sustainability and environmental protection go hand in hand with innovation and commercial success.

Sourcing and developing increasingly improved sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging solutions is something we consistently work toward.

Look into our sustainability more at: https://www.rosenflex.com/sustainability.php

“From FIBCs (including Maxi-Cube), Form Fill & Seal (including ProVent) to Plastic and Paper sacks, Rosenflex are the packaging suppliers that can pack, wrap, protect and promote your products”

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