Polydress O2 Barrier innovative film; wins an award

Two RKW Group researchers, Dr. Jan P. Eubeler and Dr. Holger Eggers have won the Special Award of the MRN Innovation Prize of the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region Foundation, for the material innovation called POLYDRESS O2 BARRIER 2IN1.

POLYDRESS O2 BARRIER 2IN1, is an innovative silage barrier film for
agriculture, uses just half the raw materials in production as compared to conventional silage films, provides labour-saving enhancements to farmers, and leads to a high level of silage quality with lower silage losses.

A total of 30 applications were submitted for the prize, which was awarded for the fifth time.

Dr. Jan P. Eubeler is Head of R&D in the Global Business Area Agricultural Films and Nets at RKW SE.

Dr. Holger Eggers heads the Philippsthal Business Unit for the RKW Group as well as the Global Business Area Agricultural Films and Nets.

POLYDRESS O2 BARRIER 2IN1 is a film combination of a polyethylene (PE) silage film and polyamide (PA) underlay film.

The protective film offers numerous advantages over conventional silage films, such as 50 percent lower material usage with respective conservation of resources, 50 percent lower outlays for transport, logistics, storage, packaging, and waste disposal, as well as simpler handling due to about 40 percent lower roll weight.

At the same time, the film ensures the production of high-quality silage with lower feed losses, as POLYDRESS O2 BARRIER 2IN1 offers an oxygen barrier, which is 6-10 times better than the previous system. The functional separation of the film combination also enables a sustainable recycling concept.

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