A green alternative to Form Fill and Seal

Rosenflex can now supply clients with a more environmentally friendly formulation of FFS that consists of 50% “green polymers”. This “Green” Form Fill and Seal has been produced in response to the specific requirements of one customer but also with the awareness that more and more customers are looking at how their business impacts on the environment and want to be able to offer greener solutions.

“Green polymers” offer substantial environmental benefits in comparison with conventional Form Fill and Seal films, particularly in terms of lower carbon emissions but they still have the same technical performance characteristics. As the world market for bioplastic materials grows, both industry and end consumers are looking for more sustainable products that help reduce green house gas emissions.

Green polyethylene (PE) is a thermoplastic resin made from sugarcane based ethanol instead of crude oil. Sugarcane is renewable and also has the benefit of being a carbon dioxide depleting resource that absorbs CO², while it’s growing. So, compared to conventional FFS films, this new option offers substantial environmental benefits in terms of lower carbon emissions whilst still achieving the same technical performance characteristics.

A unique study , – I’m green™ was conducted to assess the environmental impact of the Green Polyethylene. The results of the life cycle analysis study indicated that the biopolymer made from ethanol captures 2.15 metric tons of CO2 for every metric ton of green plastic produced. Additionally, Green PE is 100 percent recyclable in existing streams. As a viable alternative to traditional fossil-fuel derived materials, Green PE combines high performance and excellent processability.

The new films manufactured by RKW, can be supplied as tubes or flats films for use on all standard FFS machinery and for various types of packaging. So if you want a greener alternative to your current FFS then it’s now available. Just contact sales@rosenflex.com or call 01206 266856.

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