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One of the essential ingredients of the global pandemic has been the management of supply chains. Most of the world’s population has experienced varying forms of lock-down and shortages of critical goods. Manufacturers have been increasing production and finding very typically, that is a conquest that is difficult to achieve, especially as some manufacturers, particularly in E.Asia and some areas of Europe have been put into lock-down themselves. We have heard of several businesses finding it challenging to maintain capacity because of staff shortages, the lack of essential materials, and even a shortfall in the supply of requirements we often take for granted.

At Rosenflex, we have always considered contingency planning as an absolute must. Maintaining productivity in ‘normal times’ can be a test. Our real strength has been our ability to diversify sources when difficulties arise. This has enabled us to maintain quick delivery for products that have seen huge increases in lead times. For example, take our FIBC Bulk Bags, which we can currently supply to our customers within 4-5 WEEKS from order date.

Some might ask whether we've cut corners to achieve that speed. On the contrary, production is simply set up for quick orders and we've arranged for speedy shipping through prioritised routes. Production itself is certified with FSSC 22000 Food Grade certification, so sanitised and hygienic.

If you need an FIBC bulk bag supplier, get in touch with one of our sales team today:

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