Stretch Hoods – Safe, Economical & Innovative

If you haven’t thought of using stretch hoods before then maybe now’s the time to take a better look at them. They are safe, economical, innovative, heavy duty packaging products that have a high degree of elasticity and memory retention allowing film to be stretched over a load, which then snaps back tightly when released to give a high holding force on the pallet. Stretch hood films were originally specifically designed for the beverage industry as their stability and strength were ideal for these products but have also proved useful for temperature sensitive goods and tiles. Stretch hoods are especially suited for the tile industry because of the high level of pallet stability they offer. With their extremely high tear- and puncture resistance, they provide excellent support for sharp edges as well as the great weight of tiles. They are stable, even for external storage and the films can be weather-resistant for up to three years. Stretch hoods can also be used for wrapping PE sacks, paper sacks and FIBCs.

Stretch hoods provide the following benefits:-

• Excellent film performance (clings tightly to the pallet)
• Reduced cost (with down-gauging)
• Exceptional tear and puncture resistance properties
• Easy seal, excellent stretch

The films weigh 40% less than others, have extremely high elasticity and result in a 30% lower use of packaging materials than shrink films, making them economically viable. They are also reusable and therefore environmentally friendly.
Stretch hoods are the product of the future for all automated packaging processes.

For further information on stretch hoods, email, telephone 01206 266850 or take a look at the Stretch Hood page

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