Preliminary Result 2011

Revenue increased to GBP 2.87m, +5.7% with an EBIT of 5.15% and a Retained Profit of GBP 30.5k, 1.06%.

Retained profit of GBP 159k, +23.8%

Current Ratio 1.24

Debt to Equity Ratio 4.09

Stock Turns 5.93

Sales in primary products as a percentage of recenues were as follows;

Product, % of Sales, % Difference

PE 74.00% +1.70%

FIBCs 19.00% +17.0%

Paper 4.10% -7.70%

Other 2.10% +114.00%

In summary this was a pleasing result in the year where additional investment has been made for growth in 2012-13.

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