FPO Film

FPO (filled polyolefin) Film is made from polymers PP (polypropylene) or PE (polyethylene), to which is added natural minerals (including Calcium Carbonate) in various degrees of fineness to create a film with outstanding performance.

The film has a “paper-like” feel and superior folding and printing results. It is also oil and water resistant. Compared with pure polymers, FPO Film is twice as effective a barrier to light and water vapour. This means that they can replace more complex laminate solutions such as PE/Paper. One major advantage is that moderately filled FPO Film has considerably improved tear resistance and dart drop (puncture resistance).

Standard films are available up to 1,200mm wide and 40-200 um thick. Stock films in PP and PE are available in many different thicknesses, and as sealable and light barrier material.

Advantages at a glance

  • FPO is totally taint-free and environmentally friendly
  • Meets the requirements of the food industry, with food contact approvals (EU, FDA, BGA)
  • One material for packaging, tub, lid and cover leaf
  • Excellent mechanical properties: tear and puncture resistance
  • A recyclable package: freeze-able, microwaveable, machine dish washable
  • Better water, oxygen and light barriers compared to pure or low filled polyolefins
  • Soft touch and paper-like texture


  • Packaging wrap
  • Labels Cover leaf
  • FFS (bags)
  • Laminating film for packaging material
  • Display signs

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