Worldwide Paper Shortages

As many of our customers and clients are aware. Paper packaging manufacturers have been facing adverse conditions in the industry in terms of rising prices & lengthening lead times for deliveries from the Paper Mills. Since June 2016 a robust increase in demand for paper worldwide has seen both prices and lead times spike. Resulting in Paper Sack production increasing from 6 week lead times to 10-12 weeks.

We are now receiving further details from manufacturers that this lead time will be extending further. As Paper packaging is one of our three main packaging areas, it’s important we notify you of the changes in the market so you can begin the plan accordingly. Here are our 3 tips to ensuring your packaging process and supply chain continues to run smoothly.

Forecast ahead.

It is of imperative importance that customers contact us or their existing supplier and begin to forecast ahead. Doing this will allow your supplier to plan production ahead to ensure on-time delivery.

Communicate with your supplier.

Communication is key and so it’s important to stay in touch with your supplier to ensure all is running smoothly. Your supplier should be able to support you through this.

Think of the alternatives.

Paper packaging is now looking at likely 16+ week lead times making things very difficult. In comparison plastic packaging is still at 6-8 weeks… Is there a potential to switch over to plastic packaging to ensure a smooth supply chain?

Here are some of the alternatives you can make (depending on your operations/packing):

Paper Valve Sacks --> Plastic Valve Sacks

Paper Open Mouth Sacks --> Plastic Open Mouth Sacks

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