Rosenflex launch ProVent Advanced

Around ten years ago, RKW developed the ProVent plastic sack, setting a new industrial standard in the packaging of powdery goods. RKW ProVent is an efficient, sustainable, weatherproof and durable plastic sack and an alternative to conventional paper packaging. It is therefore ideal for transporting, storing and distributing powdery goods. To date more than 250 million RKW ProVent sacks have been delivered worldwide.

RKW is now launching an new version of the original design, the RKW ProVent Advanced, which offers enhanced functional safety and three other variants of the original model. RKW ProVent Advanced is highly adaptable to existing filling systems and allows manufacturers and filling operators to create optimized, user-friendly settings for their machinery. At the same time, the loss of filled product is reduced and thanks to the significant advertising impact of branding on these products, the plastic sack also serves as a high profile marketing tool. End users stand to gain from straight-forward, clean handling and a significantly extended minimum storage life for the products it contains and retailers profit from long shelf lives and the option of safe outdoor storage.

The Advanced ProVent plastic sack marks the company’s successful implementation of a modular product portfolio at a new level of production that offers numerous design varieties and applications.

The 4 variants include:

  • ProVent Advanced – a fully integrated venting system meeting the high print demands of brand manufacturers.
  • ProVent Flex – a continuous print image and variable venting allows different sack lengths in our production run.
  • ProVent Classic – ten years of successful packaging proven with over 250 million units sold.
  • ProVent Basic – efficient protection on a reduced budget with simple printing up-to 4 colours.

If you require further information on the Advanced ProVent plastic sack contact or call sales on 01206 266856.

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