GripFix anti-slip agent; no more pallet problems!

With the launch here in the UK of the GripFix anti-slip agents and BagFix applicators from H.Rand in Germany, we have a final solution to any pallet stability problems with slipping sacks.

It’s an impressive performance that you need to see, and is very cost effective.

Reduce your secondary hooding or wrapping costs by using GripFix and have a pallet you can be proud of;

  • no residues
  • water soluble and solvent free
  • food approved
  • no damage to packs
  • easy to apply
  • low cost, low energy consumption
  • solid and robust engineered applicators
  • reduced labour costs (operators can add value elsewhere in your system)

Excellent total cost, can be set up and working within 10 days of your enquiry and all you have to pay is the initial delivery cost + the anti-slip agent.

Take a free 30 day trial of the applicator equipment and if you like it we’ll invoice for that, typically between GBP3,000 to GBP6,500, or we collect the applicator leaving you with nothing to pay.

Another winning offer from Rosenflex!

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