ProVent: de-aeration FFS films that keep the product dry

Following the great success in the past 6 years of the ProVent range of de-aeration FFS tubular films in the hard-to-pack cement powder markets, we are pleased to roll out the concept into all markets including chemicals, minerals and animal feed.

The invaluable experience gained in packing mositure sensitive powders and pellets has allowed us to offer a truly excellent barrier pack that gives many advantages.

  • Down-gauged films for reduced cost. Up to 20per cent savings realised
  • High strength for robust handling
  • Faster packing speeds achieved
  • No product loss or powder on the sack surface, making a more stable pallet stack
  • More efficient production with ferwe reel changes (more prints per reel)
  • Lower inventory cost and management
  • Minimised environmental impact and lowest product life-cycle cost compared to paper alternatives
  • Stock film held for quick printing and delivery turnaround when needed

As the originator of this pack concept the RKW Group look to penetrate further into the UK market.

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