FFS And SWS for consumer packaging

In the consumer packing industry, two types of film are commonly used – Form Fill and Seal, known as FFS and Single Wound Sheeting, better known as SWS. Consumer packaging films are divided into films for diverse packaging applications and films for household goods and there are many different options available such as:

Multipack Shrink Films
These are shrink films used for packaging bottles, beverage cans, Tetrapacks and tins and can be printed in up to 10 colours or left plain. They are also available with “easy opening perforations” or “Easy Use” films.

FFS Films
FFS Film is used for packaging soil, peat, pellets and similar items and also for tissues and toilet paper. FFS films can also be used for foodstuff such as frozen goods, pasta and ready to eat meals and are available printed in up to 10 colours or unprinted.

Other Packaging Films
These include FPO films for Wet Wipes and ultrasonically-weldable films for difficult-to-pack goods such as those with fatty, oily, dusty or fluid contents or those containing proteins.

Rosenflex have more than 50 years experience in flexoprinting for the consumer packaging industry and are extrusion experts using state of the art technology and new packaging solutions such as “easy opening perforations”, “Easy Use” films and ultrasonically-weldable films. We cooperate closely with well known machine and raw materials manufacturers and although we have a global presence we provide all our customers with a personalised local service including local production and customer-orientated logistics solutions.

In addition to all this we offer an excellent, multilingual printing service and back-up support through our global manufacturing presence which gives you peace of mind and flexibility.

We can provide consumer packing solutions for the following industries

• Beverages industry
• Soil and peat industry
• Energy suppliers / industry
• Milk and dairy industry
• Hygiene and cosmetics industry
• Foodstuffs industry
• Construction industry
• Animal feeds and pet food industry
• Chemicals industry

For further information on FFS and consumer packaging contact sales@rosenflex.com or telephone 01206 266856

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