The benefits of using Provent

Rosenflex has been selling Provent plastic sacks designed to pack powdery goods for the past eight years but it’s only in the last few years that more and more clients have switched to this form of packaging, largely because of the benefits that using plastic sacks provide in comparison with the paper sacks that they’ve traditionally used. In part this has been due to increased activity in the constructions industry where powdery goods such as cement are used and construction companies have realised that both waste and storage are major problems when using paper sacks for these products.

Although plastic sacks are a bit more expensive, customers are realising that they have many advantages over paper sacks and actually save them money in the long term. Here are some of the reasons to switch:-

• Provent plastic sacks have less dust leakage than paper sacks, which means less waste and reduced restocking costs.
• Lower personnel costs due to simpler handling which means less work.
• Safe outdoor storage with less material damage as they are waterproof, resulting in less waste disposal costs, fewer returns and they’re perfectly stackable.
• Good tear and puncture resistance so again less chance of waste.

As a final bonus they can be printed in up to eight colours so they give you great brand recognition and they are more environmentally friendly than their paper counterparts using less energy to produce. They also use only 10% of the energy per ton that it takes to recycle paper sacks. With Provent plastic sacks you can reduce your costs, have more flexible storage options, minimise waste, promote your brand and help the environment.

For further information on Provent Plastic Sacks telephone 01206 266850 or email Or for further information go to the Provent page.

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