Handisac – Sacks with handles

An addition to this range is available for products requiring quick de-aeration. Using the newest methods we can offer our LF filter sack or nano-perforated sack which can allow the product to de-aerate or breathe, whilst still giving a suitable barrier to moisture.

The range includes both open-mouth and valve sacks and the handles are made from the sack material itself making it an easy-to-carry plastic sack with a capacity normally ranging from 10 to 40 litres.

HANDISAC is used for products such as wet mortar, ammonite, cement based powders, calcium carbonate and carbon black, offering the following outstanding advantages:

  • Easy to lift and carry
  • Easy to fill, just like a valve sack
  • Easy to stack securely during transportation thanks to its “brick-like” shape
  • Stands tall when placed in an upright position
  • Can be printed in up to 8 colours
  • Is an attractive and distinctive retail pack

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