Paper Sacks

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Paper Sacks

  • Single or multi-ply paper sack models (using the latest developments in paper and production)
  • UN dangerous goods and FDA food approved
  • Quick deaeration papers and pe barrier liner designs
  • Various designs of paper sacks(including pasted valve (pv) with internal, external or stepped options)

Paper sacks are used extensively in the chemical, food, mineral, construction and agricultural markets to pack and transport smaller batch lots, typically 25kg, for easy manual handling and use. Access to a global production network using the latest papers and manufacturing techniques allows us to offer the most cost effective high quality solution to your paper sack needs, be that in a manual or fully automated packing process.

Available in single or multi-ply models, each paper sack is individually tailored to your filling, handling and transporting needs and to your customers’ requirements, including UN dangerous goods and FDA food approved.

This means you have a high quality sack that will perform correctly when filled, is fit for purpose, improves your brand and ensures that your products arrive in good condition ready for use.
All sack types and sizes can be produced
and we take the approach that each user is
individual in their needs so will expect that their
process is fully understood before a solution
is provided. Quick de-aeration papers and PE
barrier liner designs are available which include
Pasted valve (PV), Pasted open mouth (POM),
Square bottom self opening (SOS), Folded
and sewn open mouth (FOM and SOM) and
gusseted models.

We will hold stocks of your own specific sacks and also carry stocks of main sizes and models which allow us to offer you a fully comprehensive paper sack solution with the best quality, at a competitive price and delivered either overnight, or within 2-3 days saving you valuable warehousing and manufacturing space.


Call our paper bags suppliers at rosenflex on 01206 266850.