RKW ProVent® – Try our Online Configurator – Design your own plastic sack

Originally developed as an efficient, sustainable, weatherproof and durable alternative to conventional paper packaging for powdery and moisture sensitive goods. The ProVent® plastic pouch significantly improves the filling, transporting, storing and distributing process of powdery and moisture sensitive goods whilst allowing deaeration through an integrated venting system that ensures no dust, dirt or moisture can penetrate from the outside, whilst only allowing air to escape from the inside.

With over 400 million sold, the RKW ProVent® family of products is today the top-selling solution for the packing and marketing of powdery goods in the building materials, construction and chemical industries.

Further to this innovation, RKW and Rosenflex can now offer the BestDesign, RKW ProVent® Online Configurator, allowing you to design and modify your own ProVent® Plastic Sack. Through the online portal, you can now increase the sales power of the RKW ProVent® even more and strengthen the brand presence of your products through an individual design. Simply upload your logo, insert texts, choose colours, set the technical requirements and ready! With a few clicks, you get your individual design template

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