Industrial & Retail Films

  • Industrial Film (Pepsi)16
  • Industrial Film (Pepsi)10
  • industrial film coke zero19 398 x 299
  • industrial film tuborg8
  • industrial film tuborg10
  • Industrial Films Fosters11

Industrial & Retail Films

  • Memory retention stretch hood
  • Non-fusion shrink wrap
  • Machine power pre-stretch films
  • Shrink hoods and top/layer sheeting
  • Multi-pack retail films

Once packed, your products still need additional protection from moisture, rough handling, dirt and dust. Although regarded as ‘secondary packaging’ we still take great care in ensuring these films are well adapted, fit-for purpose and well developed technically. Memory retention stretch hood is an area where we excel. New polymer and co-extrusion techniques have allowed us to offer an excellent solution for pallet hooding. Smaller tube sizes (due to the elongation properties of the film) thinner films and superb holding forces mean that you can be sure of a well protected and safe pallet on its way to your customer. With a greatly reduced energy cost compared to heat shrinking, the future growth in stretch hooding technology is assured.

Non-fusion shrink films are used when lamination to the pack underneath is a problem. The 3 layer co-ex hood has an inner layer that guarantees non-fusion, no matter what you do. Machine power pre-stretch films are designed to work in an automatic process where the benefits are obvious. The film is pre-stretched to a greater % which means your film wraps significantly more pallets. Cost savings via innovation rather than cost cutting which invariably leads to lower quality.

Shrink hood and top/layer sheeting are also offered, but even here at the industrial end we work for solutions driven by innovation. Thinner films and recipes are offered to reduce cost even when high shrink temperatures are employed.

If you can’t invest in new stretch hooding machinery we can still offer you a cost saving opportunity by taking a smarter approach. Benefit with our knowledge and expertise in polyethylene packaging applications.