How to create a positive and beneficial relationship with your packaging supplier

The relationship between the manufacturer and packaging supplier is a critical part of the overall manufacturing process, and keeping lines of communication open continually is important for managing operations and hitting continuous production deadlines. This is why you find the onus is very often on the packaging supplier to monitor stock/packaging levels, making sure your operations aren’t interrupted, which in turn could be costly and hugely detrimental to any existing contractual responsibilities you may have.

It is clear for any business relationship to succeed, all parties need to receive mutual benefit from the relationship, and this is an important dynamic to understand and nurture. A healthy relationship will in most cases provide both businesses with a competitive advantage.

Business continuity, working with your packaging supplier

Relationships really do matter, and a strong relationship built on trust, knowledge and understanding of the requirement needs to be in place to get the best out of your packaging supplier. A proactive packaging supplier doesn’t just sell packaging products and solutions, they provide expertise, advice and innovation as an extended and permanent fixture of their service offering.

Human contact – Getting your packaging supplier to visit your operation is a very positive move. This enables the supplier to understand more about your products and future requirements, which in turn can lead to the development of improved packaging solutions, developing new ideas and opportunities which can have a positive effect on production and costs.

Don’t be afraid to talk sustainability and material reduction – One of the key aspects of packaging in the modern age is the continual development of sustainable packaging solutions, whether this is the type of material being used, a reduction in material through innovative design improvements or storage and transport solutions to reduce carbon emissions. A client/supplier relationship that continually looks at improvements in sustainability is more important now than ever before.

Be transparent and open – Being open and involving your supplier is key to creating a better understanding. Once a supplier understands the processes and structures of the business they can offer invaluable services including usage tracking and advice on raw materials prices. A good supplier with an understanding of the business can monitor the market place, understand the trends, and help you to make your purchasing decisions at the right time.

Ask about innovation – Smarter materials and improved techniques are most certainly the way forward with the added pressures of sustainability and packaging reduction. At Rosenflex, our clients value our long history in packaging, and understanding of the market place. All professional packaging suppliers should monitor the market, and keep eyes firmly fixed for new developments within packaging that can positively affect the client’s businesses.

Building strong relationships that impact on the bottom line

Marginal gains in the cost of packaging, or the efficiencies of the supply chain which can be measured and acted upon provide a significant reason why the relationship between manufacturers and packaging suppliers is so important. This type of relationship is invariably formed over the long-term, as the business evolves and demands new ideas and solutions. The collective strength of a good supplier relationship is about permanence and the willingness to develop ideas, solutions and strategies together that in turn provides a significant benefit to your business.

At Rosenflex, this is our philosophy and core objective when working with a new or an existing long-term client. A philosophy and business practice that is very much customer centred!

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