Choosing The Right FIBC (Bulk Bag) For Your Business

FIBC bulk bags are arguably the best and most cost-effective solution for transporting your companies goods. There's a wide range of FIBC types, shapes, sizes and options and so it can be challenging to determine the right bulk bag for your business. So, here are a few essential factors to consider in the selection of the right bulk bag for your business.


The first factor to consider at the time of choosing the bulk bags is the size. It's useful to know the length, width and weight of the product per cubic foot as well as the bulk density of your product and pallet size you'll be using for storage/transportation. 

Choosing the Right Type of Fabric

There are four general types of fabric bags which are as follows.

  1. FIBC Type A Fabric Bags – Made up of calcium carbonate, polypropylene and a UV additive. These are the standard bulk bags but not suitable for combustible items.
  2. FIBC Type B Fabric Bags – These are made up of polypropylene too but can prevent sparks because of coating on the fabric.
  3. FIBC Type C Fabric Bags – These are made up of carbon filament and are required to be grounded at the time of moving or filling them. These bags can be used for the transportation of items or powders that are flammable in nature.
  4. FIBC Type D Fabric Bags – These bags are made up of antistatic fabric and do not require grounding.

Weight of the Fabric

It is also essential to consider the weight of the fabric. There are three standard weights of fabric which are 5 oz., 6 oz., and 8 oz. This can, of course, be bespoke, and depends on the weight of the product being packed. 

Considerations of Filling and Emptying

The next thing to consider is the filling as well as discharging needs of your FIBC bulk bags. It's essential to consider how to fill/empty the bulk bag, how will the inner contents be filled/emptied and how should the bottom of the bags be designed? (Flat bottom, spout bottom or tie open bottom)


What is the product you are packing? If you are packing food or pharmaceutical's it may be wise to ensure production is accredited with BRC and/or AIB as-well-as the relevant ISO and HACCP certifications. This ensures the FIBC bulk bags are produced within a clean-room environment with the correct checks. 

Lining and Coating Materials

Finally, the lining and the coating materials of the bulk bags need to be considered. Does your product need protection in the form of a coating or a liner? Is your product a fine or powdery material that requires a high level of sift proofing? 

Why Choose Rosenflex?

Now, when you are planning to use FIBC bulk bags for your business, the proper consideration of the above-mentioned points will ensure that the right choice of FIBC is made. However, it is also imperative that you choose a trusted, reliable and reputed bulk bag supplier in the UK to get the best quality bulk bags and service possible. Rosenflex offers just that as-well-as experience supplying blue chips worldwide. Providing a local but global service, Rosenflex live up to the needs and demands of our customers through innovation, service and quality of product 

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