2007: Being creative, smart and customer centred

2007: Being creative, smart and customer centred - this is Rosenflex's core objective in all its business activities.

Dear Customer,

Being creative, smart and customer centred – this is Rosenflex’s core objective in all its business activities.

The “Growth through Innovation” strategy launched in January 2007 is to be a powerful way of focusing the attention of the Company on four success factors: Product Excellence, Material and Pack Innovation, Portfolio Add-ons and Supplier Development. These are the key areas we will concentrate on in order to meet our customers’ needs and expectations. Our Product Excellence programme allows us to offer complete peace of mind to our customers so that we can build on the relationship and trust that is necessary to work together.

Material and Pack Innovation is paramount; we do not intend to be a me-too player but want and understand that we need to offer that little bit extra. Smarter materials and techniques are the way forward. Portoflio Add-ons and cross-selling are increasingly necessary where they bring another dimension to the relationship. Making it easier for our customers in their packaging supply chain is a must. This may be in the form of the product itself or a recommendation to “where and why”. The service element is a key to success.

With Supplier Development we look to forge strong long-lasting ties with manufacturers that offer and deliver a similar outlook. Strength is about permanence and the willingness to develop ideas, solutions and strategies together. Communication is more than a two-way dialogue; bringing people together to generate those ideas and creative thinking is an absolute that prevails.

Reinvesting profit back into the company makes this cycle a self-perpetuating one. Cutting-edge development allied to product excellence leads to customers’ satisfaction which contributes to growth, more efficiencies and smarter ideas and product generation.

In 2007 all our activities will continue to revolve around our customers and their needs. As a respected packaging company it is our responsibility to provide products that are reliable, delivered on time, which perform to the packing, storage, transportation and end-user needs, enabling our customers to increase their market share.

On behalf of the company, I would like to thank you for your ongoing trust and business with Rosenflex and wish you a highly successful year. I hope you achieve what you set out to do.

Yours sincerely,

Robin E.J. Reid

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