FIBCs for Liquids

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FIBC's For Liquids

  • Reduced carbon footprint compared to rigid IBC's
  • Bespoke design tailored for your needs
  • Liquid FIBC: Foldable and easily transported/stored in small spaces
  • Flexitank: Most efficient packaging form for moving bulk liquids

Liquid bulk containers such as the Liquid FIBC and Flexitanks are effective solutions to transporting bulk liquids in an inexpensive and efficient way.  Liquid FIBCs are constructed using flexible PE plastics allowing, when empty, to be folded and stocked/transported in small spaces. Each Liquid FIBC is tailor-made to the customers’ needs and can carry any liquid or viscous good from 270lt to 2000lt.

Liquid FIBCs can be delivered with or without a pallet and can also be stacked (two high) utilizing the cubic capacity of the container or trailer. All Liquid FIBCs are designed bespoke for your needs with an array of filling and discharging options (top filling, bottom or top discharging and multi-use or detached valve) along with additional options for oxygen barriers, aluminium aseptic barriers and high-temperature applications.

Flexitanks also known as a cube-tank or pillow tank are probably the most economical and cost-effective way of shipping bulk liquids, converting the standard 20’ and 40’ ocean shipping container into a bulk liquid carrier capable of containing 20 tons of liquid. Easy to install, load and discharge, the Flexitank is perfect for food ingredients and beverages including syrups, fruit juice, wines, dairy products, oils, molasses and sauces as well as Non Hazardous chemicals such as resins, shampoo, water-based paints and adhesives/coatings.

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