Rosenflex in India: Interview with Robin Reid, Managing Director on FIBC market

Managing Director, Robin Reid, gives a fascinating insight into a recent factory visit to a supplier in India, with a number of his UK sales and technical team, to witness the audit process, meet and form stronger relationships with the suppliers, and understand the manufacturing process and why Rosenflex's products remain the best in class.

What was the reason for the trip to India?

We have partners over in India who supply a wide range of our products (FIBCs, Pouches and PP Sacks). One of our partner factories was to be audited by a blue chip customer in the food industry and so we decided it a good idea to take our staff members over to meet our colleagues in person, see the audit process and learn more about innovations in FIBC design. The factory in itself is one of the best in the world and has achieved AIB superior rating and BRC AA rating for 3 years consecutively, making it the only factory to do this. This will help our sales staff and technicians when talking to our customers about production and why our FIBC’s are the best in class.

What did you learn from your trip about the FIBC market?

India is growing and fast, whilst the internal market is still developing, India has become one of the most attractive countries for manufacturing packaging for export. As I mentioned earlier, our partner’s factory for FIBCs, Woven Sacks is one of the best globally, and so it was important to see with our own eyes what makes our production that much better. From HEPA filtration to In-House liner extrusion, Ultrasonic cutting machines to Pharma grade room, our FIBC’s are produced under the most quality conditions.

How can this benefit customers going forward?

We already had a long-term relationship with our partners in India, but visiting in person helps solidify this. We learnt a lot more about what production has achieved in the last 5 years and also what can be achieved in the future. Our marketing department have updated the website with all this information, so feel free to look at what’s possible:


What is the Rosenflex focus now for FIBCs in the future?

FIBCs is an integral market for our business and following this trip, we will look to continue expansion. With the quality of production we have, we tend to focus on Food/Pharma industries but we also accommodate Chemical, Mineral and Agricultural industries too.

If someone is looking for a better solution now, how can you help?

We often come across suppliers using awkward packaging for their operations, un-needed fabric, odd constructions and peculiar dimensions. At Rosenflex, we truly enjoy building relationships with our suppliers and customers alike, tailoring your packaging specifically for your product and operations.

If you’d like us to solve an issue, help you reduce your supply chain costs or enhance your brand capabilities then get in touch at: or call: 01206 266850

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