Foil Laminated Sacks – The ultimate protection for your product

Foil Laminated Sacks: The ultimate protection for your product

Due to their high barrier properties, Aluminium Foil Laminated Sacks otherwise known as Aluminium sacks or metalized sacks, provide a great solution for packaging goods and products that require total protection from the elements. For example, if your product is a Pharmaceutical powder, Dairy Powder (Casein, Whey etc) or a compound additive then a foil laminated sack will safely prevent the potential deterioration from moisture vapour, oxygen and other gases, UV light, odour transfer and temperature extremes.

Used regularly throughout the U.K in the Pharmaceuticals, Dairy, Food ingredients and Flavours, Chemicals and Adhesives industries. The Aluminium Foil Laminated Sack is fast becoming the most widely used option for packing sensitive goods.

Sacks can be produced in either a pillow style or with a gusset and K-weld. They can also be produced with or without a valve and/or perforations which allows air to vent from the sealed sacks. Metalized sacks also provide fantastic branding opportunities with 10+ colour high-quality flexographic printing.

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