FIBC’S for food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals

It’s important that FIBCs used for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries meet the most rigorous hygiene and quality standards and because our FIBCs are produced by one of the best manufacturers in the world, who insist on excellent quality control and hygiene standard, we can honestly say that all our FIBC bulk bas are manufactured under meticulous food grade and pharma conditions. Our bulk bags are HEPA filtrated with full traceability of systems, include ultrasonic cut fabric for “star”closure, separation in clean room facilities, heat sealed threads – so there are no loose materials plus fabrics are air-wash treated and also undergo metal, glass and hard plastics detection for hygienic state of the art production.

The production facilities we use have maintained an “A” Grade during the 6th BRC audit and are AIB rated with a score of 935/100, and have ISO22000 HACCP certification and approval. All the FIBCs are produced in accordance with ISO9001:2008 quality procedures and manufactured to ISO 21989 standards with specific materials, construction and design requirements and also type test certification and marking requirements, making them perfectly suitable for food and pharmaceutical grade use.

As an added bonus Rosenflex can produce any type of FIBC from flat woven, (4+1, U+2) / circular woven tubular fabric (with a sewn in top and base), Maxi-Cube (form stable Q-bags with baffle), Barrier liners (moisture and gas / oxygen barriers) including 5-7 layer constructions (PET, ALU, PA, PE combinations) PE bottle shape liners and internal form stable baffles, Conductive Type C and Type D bags (standard Type A and Type B too) sift-proof seams and all manner of fill and discharge options.

So not only do our FIBCs meet the highest standards in terms of safety, hygiene and quality control but, when it comes to FIBCs, we can also provide a large variety of types of FIBC, suitable for food and pharmaceutical grade products.

For further information on Food and Pharma grade FIBCs, email,  telephone 01206 266856 or take a look at the FIBC page

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