Why Rosenflex are the best option for food grade bulk bags (FIBC’s)

Why Rosenflex are the best option for food grade bulk bags (FIBC’s)

A flexible intermediate bulk container, more commonly referred to as an FIBC, bulk bag, or big bag is an industrial container made with flexible polypropylene fabric used for storing and transporting products such as food ingredients, pharmaceuticals, and high-end chemicals.

The Food grade bulk bags, manufactured in our partner facilities are entirely bespoke to the necessities of the customer. The entire factory is geared up for production of food and pharmaceutical grade bulk bags, ALL areas within the facility are truly food grade and the factory is certified:

  • British Retail Consortium (BRC) AA rating
  • American Institute of Baking (AIB) Superior rating
  • ISO9001:2015
  • ISO14001:2015
  • ISO22000:2005

Making it the only FIBC in the world to achieve AIB superior rating three years in a row.

Only the best polypropylene is sourced to produce fibres of the finest quality and all looms are installed with ultrasonic cutting machines to prevent potential contamination risks. Quality checks are also conducted regularly with a total of 241 from start to finish.

The recently commissioned in-house blown film plant can produce up to 7 layer co-ex film allowing for highly technical liners including gas flushing and barrier liners, perfect for protecting high-value food and pharma products like milk powders and infant formulas.

Throughout the factory, positive air pressure is maintained and HEPA filtration installed allowing for the bulk bags to be stitched in a complete clean room environment.

Adding to the quality of facilities, we work hard at Rosenflex to ensure a high standard of service. Working closely with our freight agents to get products shipped quickly whether it be by sea or air. Once arriving at the port, bags can be stored in our BRC approved warehousing facilities ready for your call off ensuring JIT (Just in time) and a smooth supply chain.

Are you looking for food and pharma grade FIBC's?

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